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Hands of the miind: Assemblage. Small format. Epoxy compond on acrylic board, with mixed media & oils
"One day you will see how your thoughts steal out of your head and touch that of others. How your feelings feed storms, how your spirit helps create even matter. How you and all on earth are part of a web. We are one."
Awaken the God Within! Let Your Brilliance Show!

"Unlimitedness is a fact, but not a guarantee. The freedom to soar is also the freedom to generate pain, attract hurt... So we may crash our lives a few times before we get it right. Yet even here there are systems that help us recover...

A} Inevitably the intensity of pain forces a shift in level of consciousness... So the best and the worst are blessed.

B} The Soul is not forced to come here, it chooses to come here. Before we start a circle of lives we, soul, plan its broad lines, define the limits, the escape points. If our lives are a total nightmare the Soul that dreams this into place can wake, switch on the lights change the dream."

"Trust your desires, feed your thoughts, follow your heart, know how vast you are... The universe is listening to the words beneath our words, the smile beneath our smiles, the world is our mirror."

"Every event, person that has come into your life is here because you drew them there.

We are fingers of the Creator. We Create Our Own Reality."

"Some believe spirituality is about fleeing earthliness.

Open your inner senses and you will see the world around us, is made of magic... Each stone is blessed brilliantly alive. We live in a living universe.

True spirituality raises itself high, then through eyes of light it sees how precious this world, this life is and embraces it."

Poet & Writer
O! God

"We stand here, lost, wandering, mortal. But we are not here, we are there. The dreamer at the very heart of hearts. When the you here, and the you there talk, Life becomes electric. We go from puppet to the one who holds the strings."

"We are free, incredibly, utterly, brilliantly free... beyond space, time, matter... beyond this life or that...beyond universes. But do not take my word for it, see... see it for yourself."

"Celia & I have been touched by that which stands at the heart of the cosmos. And it is brilliant. And we would love to take you there.

But know that while we are incredibly easy going in some ways, we are impossible in others. We demand passion, authenticity, the willingness to be surprised, we demand you trust yourself, we demand that you be demanding: ask life for everything it will give you its heart. Ask for anything less and you will get the skin.

You are a being that stands at the heart of the cosmos. Let Your Brilliance Show!"

Spiritual Path

"Some say that spirituality demands sacrificing the ego. Rubbish. True spirituality discovers your Youniqueness, celebrates your contradictions, values the dark muck inside for what it is -- the oil that will illuminate your magnificence.

All seekers are wounded. But...

Only those with courage will leave the safety of the mundane.

Only those with faith in themselves will hold to their glimpse of God and not let it be swallowed by the majority viewpoint.

Only those with integrity will take that glimpse of the ultimate and let themselves be used as a foundation for a new world.

Only those sure enough can drop their pretences and be like a child... the shining thing irresistible to the Creator."

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