The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth

By Tarun Cherian

Book launch on Sat., Nov 24, 5:30pm at Ashirwad, St Marks Rd Cross (opp SBI gate)

The Chronicle is priced at Rs 300/-. plus delivery. You can pick up a copy at Blossoms on Church Street or The Ostara Shop, Sai Baba Temple Road, Cambridge Layout. We will be adding more outlets soon, including flipkart. Till then you can order the book through us. Use any of these payment options and we will courier the book directly to you.

Is Death the end? Are there ghosts & demons out there? Will Angels gather us up? Are we reborn? Do we have to go through this – again & again – forever at death's mercy? Can we escape? Are there worlds beyond? Where does The Soul live? If we have to come back, are we just booted out? Or prepared?

The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth by Tarun Cherian, assisted by Celia Cherian is an incredible journey past death's dark doors.

Death Travelogue: And, at one level, The Chronicle is exactly that – a death travelogue! A step by step walkthrough, with pictorial snapshots. In it you follow a real woman, Anu, as she dies, gets stuck, stumbles, despairs, rises, ascends to brilliance, and chooses to return. You see her lostness at the point of death and in the morgue. You feel for her as demonic energies gnaw at her feet. You applaud as protective relatives & angels arrive. You marvel as she goes to spirit schools, and enters the Soul's glorious chambers. You stand with her as she chooses – leave the earth or return? Take this life. Or that?

The Feast of Experience: At another level, The Chronicle is a feast. For woven through are 64 other real-life stories, the authors' own and those of students, patients, seekers they have guided in the last 35 years. {A brief author note. Since the late 1970's Tarun was awakened to the greater world within, culminating in The Cosmic Now Revelation in the Late 1980's. Since then he has shared these spiritual possibilities, co-founding with Celia Creator's Child and the Devadhara Healing System. Among other things, he is a ghost whisperer, death escort, and past life guide.}

Liberating Revelations: But there is a still deeper level to The Chronicle. The Liberator. The Chronicle introduces us to our 11 inner luminous bodies and many selves. And reveals that using these we can literally stand above time. In an extraordinary image of the book, we see Anu soaring above her many lives. Able to see it all. All lives, all faces of herself. This image of a humble woman triumphing over reincarnation is at the heart of the book. ‘Do not hide or grovel before death.' The Chronicle thunders, ‘Do not see rebirth as cosmic enforcer, it is an opportunity to soar, to claim infinity'.

The Chronicle offers a slew of never before insights to the world. Of the many, 3 standout.

•  The Transcendent Reincarnation Revelation – the call to stand above time and rebirth's vicious currents. •  The Man 2 God Possibility – the promise that each of us great or small, can lift so high we join the Gods. •  Multi-contact Reincarnation – the humbling revelation that reincarnation is not a chain, but a gossipy circle, where in every moment of our lives the greater richness of the many may penetrate.

Reading through this, you would be justified in thinking the Chronicle is a thousand page tome. Nope, it is just 136 pages long, written with the elegant simplicity of an erstwhile creative director, filled with illustrative diagrams, and yet packed with horizons even poets dare not lift their eyes to. Yes, it is just 136 pages long. But what 136 pages!

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