Shaktipats disguised as Art

Tarun Cherian

6 Solo Shows.
Works in private collections {and people's auras} in Europe, America, Canada, India, South-East Asia.

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Interested in acquiring work? Name the piece and the page it is on and we will email the price and how it acts on the aura. Even though Tarun's works are sharply escalating upwards. The works are still reasonable.

e: In the subject line include art enquiry. Or call 91-80-25425143. The artist is based in Bangalore. Also check, the spiritual website.

From The Sound Came The Bell, Work in a private collection
Yoni-yantra. A mass meditative art print. Utterly affordable.
Aura portraits. Depicts the magical swirls of energy and chakras. The starting point's a photograph. email us for details.
Moment of Creation '

Personal Details; Tarun Cherian is married to Celia Cherian. She is a reiki master, writer and artist. In fact many of the ritualstic showings have been inspired by her. He has a daughter: with 4 paws and a tail.

With Celia he leads Creator's Child a spiritual initiative, dedicated to awakening the god within. He writes extensively on spirituality and art.

While this website currently focusses on the artist. Tarun is an award-winning poet and writer.

Tarun recently left advertising after 17 years. During which he collected awards both for art and copy. He launched brands like Jockey in India with the line "Burn Your Briefs". Got Blaupukt revving with the challenge to "testdrive your years". Launched Gave Cafe Coffeee day its line "A lot can happen over Coffee". Got people to wake up to Tata Coffee. Worked on every kind of account from Prestige, Asian Paints, Gati, Vanity Fair, HP. He was the director of Scion. Was Creative Director of Maa Bozell, Creative Supervisor, O&M, Bombay, and Sr writer at Sista's {Saatchis}.

Not the usual copywriter, Tarun wrote extensively on advertising for Brand Equity, A&M, Independent and Deccan Herald. An advertising strategist, he created Scion's powerful brand interface model.

Because he had 0 faith in art institutes or philosophical courses he studied of all things BA{Hons} Economics at St Stephens College, Delhi 81-84 and went on to compound folly with stupidity by doing MA Econmics at Delhi School Of Economics, 84-86.

Interested in commissioning work? I have done work on commission for companies like Tata Coffee and Strides. But I am very selective about the work i do. Will only take projects that interest me creatively and spiritually. I take a 75% of quote and materials cost in advance.

Images of God. While the artist has avoided classically religeous images. God doesn't. In many of his encounters with God, the visions have been traditional images of Gods, current, ancient and emerging: Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Shiva, Ma Kali, Lord Ganesha, Lord Thor, Goddess name a few.

Collector's comments:
"It's like an altar piece." - J, Amsterdam.
"It always gets commented on. And overshadows the other pieces i have of other better known Indian artists." - Verghese, Bangalore.
"It's in my bedroom, it's an oracular piece, on most major decisions i consult it. It's often far more accurate than mt tarots." - name withheld, Indian Art Collector.
"It's a tiny piece, the size of a visting card, but it's got something" - Wasim Khan, famed Indian Art Photographer.
The heaviness of seeing, 16"x32", digital piece Rs 20,000
Biblical Prints. commissioned by the artist's mother, the series began to radiate a power beyond the illustrative.
Where flames meet. medium format. ink on paper. Sacred sexual work. This series has been almost completely sold out.