Contact: Tel: 91-80-25425143.Tarun is based in Bangalore, India.

Art enquiry: In the subject line specify art enquiry. Include images of the piece you are interested in. Tarun also has an extensive range of graphic work. Tarun takes on commissions but it must be for a subject that resonates with his core interests.

Those interested in spirituality, healing first check, the spiritual website. Only then contact us by email: In the subject line specify spiritual/ healing enquiry.

Writing: Tarun does not take up corporate or ad writing but does contribute extensively on spirituality, poetry and art. He has written and reviewed extensively for Deccan Herald.

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"Everything in excess describes Tarun the best. When he drank he drank like a fish. Much of his art is so intense it's like an arc welding flame.With Spirituality it is the same, his God blazes, burns, sets you on fire takes you out of this world turns everything upside down." -- Celia, wife & co-founder of Creator's Child

Some who knew him earlier in college or advertising often find it difficult to marry the intense person they knew with the spiritual teacher he is. And yet most even then knew he was only half of this world. Half man - half creature of flame.

Brief History:
Education: Tarun's formal education includes: BA Hons Eco St Stephen's, Delhi. M.A. Eco Delhi School of Economics. However, Tarun's real education occurred through a series of spiritual awakenings over the last 3 decades, paralleled by a ferocious reading of contemporary literature, art, philosophy.

Advertising: Sistas {Saatchis}, O&M {Bombay}, MAA Bozell {Bangalore}, Scion {Bangalore}: 18 years as award winning creative director.

Writing: Books: "Speaking in Tongues", The Greater I, The Sun's Handkerchief. Poetry: published in mainline newspapers, journals and websites. He has written close to 50 major articles on spirituality, art, literature, advertising and brand development.

6 Solo Art Shows. India International Centre, Delhi, 2000. Chitra Kala Parishath Bangalore, 2002. Fluid Space, Bangalore 2003. Kahawa, Bangalore, 03, 04. Works in private collections {and people's auras} in Europe, America, Canada, India, South-East Asia. Work commissioned for Tata Coffee, Strides, Standard Charetered.

Spirituality & Healing: For the last 3 decades, Tarun has been a spiritual explorer. Over the last 2 decades, a spiritual guide. Over the last decade and a half a healer. He has developed his own Spiritual Tradition & Healing System.

Tarun's God is one who says yes to life. As a result the spiritual pathway he is forging differs dramatically from the dry as bone God peddled across the world. His God is blissed out, creative, spontaneous, revels in physicality, utterly curious... universal {embracing all species of life including stones}. To use the exciting however would be unwise. For then you are shown the other face of God. Utterly solemn, Incredibly deep... Impossibly vast...