Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.

Fables: And the Listening Mind.

Tarun Cherian: Poet. Writer. SongWriter. Mantra Mage.

(Many of the pieces here were first published in Deccan Herald, Bangalore)

Creative Director with 18 award-winning years. Award-winning Poet. 6 books of poetry, spirituality, art published.

The Over-ambitious Chinese Lantern

Once upon a time there was a Chinese Lantern. It hung in the Garden. And threw beautiful patterns of colour.

But the Chinese Lantern was not happy and cried "if only I didn't have these paper walls I could throw my light even further."

And the lantern complained and complained till finally the master of the house came and tore away the paper.

And then a breeze came close - curious about these strange goings on - and the flame shivered. And went out.


The Carpet Maker

One day the carpet maker realised he was a motif in someone else's carpet.


The Master Carpenter & The Tree

One day a master carpenter was walking through the woods. He came to a fine teak tree. As he passed, the tree cried out. "O master carpenter stop! Won't you please turn me into a fine cabinet inlaid with ivory for the court of the King?"
The master carpenter smiled and said "you have been shaped by a carpenter greater than I. And you are in the court of a King greater than all Kings, what need have you of I?"


The Golden Butterfly

One day a great craftsman made a beautiful butterfly in gold and rubies, emeralds and diamonds. And many saw it and desired it.
And then a little boy came in and said - "Oh, but it does not fly."


The Great Huge Lake & The Tiny Forest Pool

(Published in Deccan Herald, Bangalore)

Once upon a time there was a tiny forest pool. And a great huge lake.

And many people and animals from different parts of the world, during the great drought, came and asked the great huge lake and the tiny forest pool for water. And the great lake said "No, if I give you my water then I will no longer be a great huge lake."

So the people and animals and trees and living creatures asked the tiny forest pool for water. And they drank and were glad. The tiny forest pool was glad too, but much tinier.

And the great lake said "you're a fool, be like me and don't give water". And the tiny forest pool just shrugged its waters and sighed.

But the drought didn't end. And again the living creatures of the Earth came to the tiny forest pool and the great huge lake. The great lake refused again. And the living creatures of the world drank from the tiny forest pool . And the tiny forest pool became tinier still. Till there was just a tiny puddle of water between pebbles. The great huge lake looked pityingly at the tiny forest pool. And said "Fool, if only you had taken my advice you would be well. Now, now at least listen to me." Just then an Eagle tired and drooping asked the great huge lake for water - who angrily refused. So the Eagle drank the last drop of water in the little forest pool. And then flew away with strong wing beats.

The great huge lake told the little forest pool "O, you are a fine example of what happens to idiots."
And the tiny forest pool answered "O great lake, can you see the Eagle?"
And the great lake answered " Yes, so what?"
After five minutes the tiny forest pool asked again. "O great lake can you see the Eagle?"
And the great lake answered a trifle testily. "Yes he's a speck over the mountain. But why are you asking this?"
After five minutes the tiny forest pool asked again "O great lake can you see the Eagle?"
And the great lake answered "No. He's too high and too far."
And then the tiny forest pool said. "O great lake once I was a tiny forest pool, but now I am so large that even you cannot see my boundaries."

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