Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.

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The Word in Motion. The Mind in Stillness. {This page is rough, please bear with the unfinishedness}


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Who will Cut the Wings of The Swan? The song, the video, reminds us of the blood price nature pays for us. Sung by Classical Singers & Musicians Ruth Chandy & Kamaan Singh Dhami.Composed by Tarun at the launch of Buffy's Doggy Revelations. The video with surreal images takes you on an almost Salvador Daliesque trip.

I Shall Be Simple As The Rain The song, the video,urges us to return to simplicity. Lyrics, Tarun Cherian. Singer Angel Pappali . Original score Talitha Mathew.

Nachon, nachon, nachon pyare

Angel Wings

Video Poetry: Love Songs

A Monsoon Love Story in 3 minutes & 55 Seconds

Raining Diamonds

Rain Blessings

Dussehera: The Indian Street Celebrates.


Video Sermons. Messages in Song.

Today the Sun Marched into Our Home : A Sermon:

The Price Tag of God's Gifts It started as a question: What if Mary knew that God was giving her a child who would end up crucified and killed? Many come to us asking about their futures and that of their children. Suppose we had to tell someone. Hey good news. You're gonna have a child. A real hot shot kid. Only thing he's gonna end up crucified. Also, the child's not your fiancee's.  And so this film is about the price tag of God's Gifts. But we are not just talking of the cost the few pay. The Mary's of the World. But of the fact that we all have been given a gift... Of Life. It's about the human cost that we all pay, if we wish to open our gifts... Of Life, of Love, of death.  Ps: The story is retold. Here we say that Mary is shown the possible fate of her child. That she asked God for the Child. None of the dialogues from the light come from standard scriptures... but they do come from the light.

Little things From little thigs come great trees. From dreams come reality. From a child's steps comes great journeys. Brush the dust off your loves. Do what you love doing. And it will brighten the world.

Make time for me.

Unstoppable Spirit




Creative Director with 18 award-winning years. Award-winning Poet. 6 books of poetry, spirituality, art published.

7 Solo Art Shows. Works in private collections Across the World.

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