Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.


Tarun Cherian   Blood Logic & Cosmic Veins
    "I find these interesting... I like the starkness." -- SG Vasudev, leading Indian Artist



7 Solo Art Shows. Works in private collections Across the World.

“These work emanate spiritual as well as visual powers…” Deccan Herald


The Ladder: 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. In this series subtle shifts of a monochromatic blood red reveal how from a basic commonality the million faces of creation exist separate yet one. From this oneness forms emerge. of colours Through this direction, Tarun helps the viewer bathe in the power of the divine, but not as ethereal, distant from earth reality, but potent, rich, life giving, earth-shaking.

In The Ladder a vortex of infinity is the basic substrate. Amusingly a ladder leads up to it. It is energy charged work, that projects reassurance. Aura close to 12 feet.

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  Acquired: The Pot : 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas.This piece takes off on the famous spiritual metaphor of the pot and the ocean that underlines the idea of oneness. The 'water' inside and outside are at the same level. If everything is the same substance why break the pot? The painting seems to ask. It is energy charged work, that projects calm. Aura close to 12 feet.

The Bell: Oil on Canvas.The Bell and the world are the same red only differently brushed. The Bell seems to emerge from the field. The Bell that emerges from the primal vibration adds to its resonance. It is energy charged work, that projects reassurance. Aura 3-6 feet.

    “They blaze with energy…It’s almost too much to take.” -- Sadiqa Peerbhoy, renowned columnist, advertising figure and psychic.
Experience the Power of Art Shaktipats for yourself. Fill your consciousness with the Kundalini River. Chant silently "Eeraho", again and again. Now close your eyes and be energised by its power.  

    Kundalini River: 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. Inspiration: “The feeling of the kundalini pouring throuh one's being.” Energy charged work. Aura close to 50 feet.

    Womb of Chaos : 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. In a black field scribbled on is a cosmic egg. Within that is another centre. A deep dynamism moves through it. Is that at the centre us surrounded by the infinite? Or is the centre the infinite surrounded by us, its imaginings? Experientially: Stimulates the 2rd chakra. Deep imagination and creativity.Energy charged work. Aura close to 10 feet.

    Wings of Fire : 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. This reversed spiral or swastika captures the intense dynamism of allness about to scatter into a million points…into you and me. Experientially: Stimulates the 3rd solar plexus chakra. Destroys negative patterns about one. Perfect for those who deal with power or care intensely for others.Energy charged work. Aura close to 30 feet.