Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.
Tarun Cherian   Shaktipats Disguised as Art.

Humpty Dumpty Meets God: July 23rd - July 26th, 2018, ChitraKala Parishath.

Frying pans, forks, eggshells, dart boards are the art materials of an intense art show by spiritualist Tarun Cherian @ Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore, July 23rd to 26th, 2018. It depicts the journey of man from eggshell truths to Cosmic realities.

7 Solo Art Shows. Works in private collections across the world.

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27 years as cosmic revelator, spiritual guide & healer. 18 years as award winning creative director.


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We are all Humpty Dumptys, destined for the garbage pit, unless we look beyond our eggshell world. And choose the skies beyond.

As you walk into ‘Humpty Dumpty meets God’ a spiritual art show by Tarun Cherian, the eggshell of reality around you is assaulted with Humptys on fry pans. You seek answers but find them on shattered mirrors and egg cartons. You escape, but the wings you have are made of butcher’s knives, your Gurus are on dart boards... The show takes you on a journey of awakening where you stumble away from the fry pan towards a glorious truth. But as the seeker, {or is he fool?} flees the fry pan he realizes that there is a price. “For the bird to emerge the egg must break. For the God to emerge the man must break.”

Humpty Dumpty Meets God by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

Since his spiritual epiphanies 4 decades ago, Tarun Cherian has explored the farscapes of the universe. A Spiritual Guide, Healing Master, Aura Master he has awakened Seeker's Kundalinis, healed the incurable, unveiled the future, revealed aura truths... All this spiritual richness is in the art show, as is his decades as award-winning Creative Director, responsible for campaigns like “A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee”, Jockey’s Burn Your Briefs”, Blaupunkt’s “Test drive your Ears”… 

Spiritual, humorous, disturbing, liberating… ‘Humpty Dumpty meets God’ is an iconic art exhibition, that exquisitely marries the irony of our post-modern world with the ancientest of questions… how escape gravity… how reach mukti?