Humpty Dumpty Meets God. And The Media.

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Humpty Dumpty Meets God Covered by Times of India

“Humpty Dumpty meets God is an art exhibition
that marries the irony of our post-modern world
with the most ancient of questions —
how to escape gravity and reach mukti?”

“In any spiritual journey, where you find something very beautiful or meaningful,
everything starts changing around you.  
Sometimes, this change is so extreme
that it feels like you it feels like you are breaking;
sometimes the shattering process may take place many times,” 

This article takes you to the very heart of the show.

Read more at Times of India:

Humpty Dumpty Meets God covered by The Hindu

"The point of all my poetry and art is spirituality.
The certainty that beneath the eggshell of reality
is a point of Cosmic Oneness, Infinite Nowness,
a point that gives meaning, depth, integrity and freedom.
Advertising taught me a similar lesson.
Great advertising does not rest on clever lines
but a deep understanding of the consumer, the product, market.
The basic lesson that the outer is ruled by the inner."

This interview helps one understand the Artist behind the art, the spiritualist behind the artist, the cosmic behind the spiritualist.

-- Tarun Cherian quoted in an einterview with Shailaja Tripathi

Humpty Dumpty Meets God covered by Bangalore Mirror

What happens when a spiritualist wields the brush?
Asks Jayanthi Madhukar, in Bangalore Mirror.
An upcoming show by Tarun Cherian has the answer.

This appreciative and questioning article reveals possibilities and challenges.

 To read more visit The Hindu

Economic times covers Humpty Dumpty Meets God
Tv Channels cover Humpty Dumpty Meets God by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

Vijayvani Tv
TV 9
Malayalam Manorama TV
Covered the show extensively.