Humpty Dumpty Meets God: And a Stellar Gathering of Art Lovers & Spiritualists.

We have a host of people to thank for making Humpty Dumpty Meets God a meaningful and electrifying art show. Let us start with You. Art Lovers, Spiritualists, Family who braved the rain. Some of you even flew from other cities to be present like Annie. Some of you in your 80's Gladys, Kunjama K, A Leela, and even 90's, like The Living Legend of IFS Eric G who has been a pillar in the Government shaping The Indian Art Tradition.We cannot thank you all enough. For the appreciation, your ability to embrace the experimental, your spiritual richness. For on the one hand the work was at the very edge, using material, method, that drew a visceral response. And the work, had sacred energy aspects that each and everyone of you felt and responded to. We value each of you...

A crowd of art Connoisseurs at Humpty Dumpty Meets God by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

-Amrutha D -Anand, Amrutha & Family -Angel -Anita -Anila & Alex -Annie S - Archana & Rajive -Ashwin -Aslam & Samreen -Atul & Gunjan - Bela & Sachin -Boby & Kalari Adepts -Chiranjiv S -Deepa -Diana M -Divya SS -Elias J -Eric G - Geeta V -Gladys S -Jenny -Jose & Geeta -Jilson -Kamala -Kala K -Kalyan -Kamaan -Kathryn & Srijit -Kartik -Kochhus -Kunjamma -Leela D -Leila A -Monika & Jude -Naresh N -Peter & Camille -Radhika G -Rashmi R -Ravi T -Renuka V -Reji, Sapna & Anoop -Reji K -Roshni K -Rupa, Priya & Varsha -Sachin C -Sapna -Saugat -Sneha & Ajit -Sonali, -Shweta K -Shubho BD - Stephen -Subbramaniam P -Sultan S - Sumi E -Sunil K-Suresh & Sujatha M -Swati V -Tanya T -Tina S -Trupti & Rajesh -Uma D -Usha A - Usha & Mon-chyn - Vasudev. {We hope no name has been left out.}

Living Legend Eric Gonsalves at Humpty Dumpty Meets God by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

In this illustrious gathering there were India's most renowned Architects, Creative Directors, Artists & Curators, Art Collectors & Connoisseurs, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, IT Directors, HR People, Financiers, Corporate Directors, Actresses, Film makers, Yoga Masters, Kalari Masters, Devadhara Adepts, and Cosmic Heart Seekers... Many of you have seen Tarun's Art from his first show 2 decades ago. Was this his finest show? Well, all agree it was definitely most interesting & experimental. Pathbreaking. Said Eric Gonsalves who was the chief Guest at Tarun's first show at the India International Centre, New Delhi remarked : 'Your first show was stark, austere, interesting... this was a triumph, you have claimed your place among interesting Indian Artists'. Said one well wisher. "Many go to The Cochin Biennale to be inspired, they should have been present for this one..." Asked many... "Are you taking it to other galleries in India?"

Tarun being interviewed during Humpty Dumpty Meets God

We turn to those who couldn't be present. Especially Tarun's Amma who as Celia introduced was his primary influencer and Talitha & Satish whose behind the scenes work added pizzaz. We thank Chitra Kala Parishath, especially Shivappa, Nagrathna, The Principal. Then there are others like Vasundhara Vee, who flew down and sang personally at an intimate event. The invaluable inputs of Kala K, PR pro, who in the middle of personal crisis found time to spare. We value the extraordinary support of the Journalistic fraternity. We cherish the support and subtle guidance of art curators Roma A, Tanya T and Tina S. We are warmed by the many of you who could not be present like Natsy but offered so much support, the many who have been with us through 5 book launches, 7 art shows and innumerable spiritual events, like Arun S, Anitha A, Nishi, Jaya, Palli, Kapil, Ramesh Rao, Ruth & Kamaan, ...

Art Connoisseurs at Humpty Dumpty Meets God

We especially thank the art collectors who have taken Tarun's art home. Including some of the most ferocious, art assemblages like Akkrahanna. A journalist talking about the art scene said that today if an artist has 10% of pieces being adopted it is a success. Far, far more than that have found a home and are finding homes.

How thank Celia who has had to see 5 rooms at the centre and flat, get crowded with artwork, and bric-a-brac, whose invaluable support, direction, criticism and inspiration drove the show from good to extraordinary. She accompanied Tarun to his many art material hunts to graveyards, hospitals, scrap yards, butcher's...

We turn now, last, but certainly not least to the divine, the polestar of Life. Especially Lord Ya, Lord Erz, Lord Sol, Lady V, Lady Sophiya, Arch Angel Raphael... We now turn to the joyous band of spirits lead by Buffy, who make life, rich, vivid, strange, vehement, glorious...

Bela Joshi at Humpty Dumpty Meets God by spiritual artist Tarun Cherian

Whereas Tarun's first Art show was like a stonehenge potent with force. The last Piece of Heaven was a blaze of yellows. This was a journey, now thorny with nails, now giggly, here whimsical, there divine. And so there were so many different moods and moments to the show. The opening was stormy with the Kalari performance. But the latter days was ever-changing. For example, one evening Bela came with Sachin, her school of special children & Deepa. It was incredible watching autistic children respond to art that comes from deep zones. Another evening it was a party as Suresh, Sujatha, Naresh, Uma D, turned it into a celebration. Another afternoon Kamaan came over and played on his guitar, quiet and meditative.

Swati at Humpty Dumpty Meets God by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

But perhaps the last words must be that of Shri Chiranjiv Singh "Thank you..." he said..." the images give me a lot to think about, reflect on... not just now... but over the years..." His words express what so many of you told us... "It illuminates... It shows what the journey is like... These images stay with me..."



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