Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.
Tarun Cherian    
Shaktipats Disguised as Art.  

The Flame and I. In this series we juxtapose the human and divine together. Capture the moment when we are touched by the divine.


6 Solo Art Shows. Works in private collections {and people's auras} in Europe, America, Canada, India, South-East Asia.

Acquired: Light's Mirror: Oil on Canvas. 30" x 24". Has been painted over 10 years. Slowly evolving... It is a classical painting that borrows a modern brush...

Who am I? Just flesh & blood? Or light? And if I am light how believe I am flesh & blood? Light's Mirror answers the eternal question, with a riddle. A blazing sun sends a swirling light that forms an arm holding a mirror... In the mirror, the light sees a face of a man... And we are lead to the realisation we are lights seeing a face in the mirror and therefore thinking we are human...

Spiritually Energised: Structured around a Goddess spiral the painting promotes remembrance. Has an effect on the aura upto 10 feet. Stimulates the throat chakra and solar plexus chakra.


-Spiritual Graphic Book
-Art Meditative Book
-Line of Yantras
-Designer Linen Line

27 years as spiritual explorer, guide & healer. 18 years as award winning creative director



Wrapped in Silence explores that the mystic moment where one reaches the core self... the seed truth.

A soul spark descends, it falls through 3 cross lines, clearly referring to the 3 layered existence. The soul descending curls around, forming a cradle. Scribbled on the outermost layer of the painting is the frieze of life... A fish swallowing the prophet, a figure holding up the universe... Dominating the painting to the right is an old man's face, eyes closed in meditation...

Physical Details: Wrapped in Silence 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas.

Spiritually Energised: It has an aura close to 12 feet. Stimulates the below the feet chakra.





Thousand Suns captures the mystic moment as the divine bursts through me... The painting is layered, the meteor like, fragments bursting out were first painted, allowed to dry... then burnt umber washed in, and colour removed to create the figure exploding at the centre... the back of the brush then like vandal or scrawl in the minds exclamations... "I do not stop with my skin..."

Physical Details: A Thousand Suns : 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. Energy charged work. Aura close to 10 feet. Inspiration: “The feeling of exploding with light.” Aura: inner aura –10 feet, outer 10 feet. Stimulates the throat chakra and solar plexus chakra.




The Seer: 18" x 12". Oil on Canvas. Energy charged work. In this enigmatic painting we see the seer experiencing the cosmic ripple."



The Dreamer: This enigmatic painting has a face drowning in darkness written with a lettering completely lucid to those who dispense with the language of man."

Physical Details: The Dreamer: 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. Energy charged work. Aura close to 12 feet. Stimulates the throat chakra. Inspiration: “The thought: In Dreams Lie Reality.”







Kundalini Blazing: "There was a day when the kundalini flared through my being and I was flame... " This painting catches that moment as the body ceases to be just matter and becomes light flaming. Physical Details: 30" x 24". Oil on Canvas. Energy charged work. Aura close to 60 feet. Stimulates the root chakra. Inspiration: “The dance of the kundalini within.”




What are we? Wrinkles on the mind of God.