Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.

Tarun Cherian: Poet. Writer. SongWriter. Mantra Mage.

Crafting The Luminous Word


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"Let my words have an unvarnished feel to them. Truth writ in the grain. Sentences that feel like bark and offer comfort like a bench after a long walk into the hills with a woman..."

A Writer's Prayer, an ode to Celia, my wife, critic and spiritual co-adventurer won the 2nd Prize Winner, of the 1993 British Council Poetry Society Contest. It is one of my finest pieces of wordsmithery. But you in India would perhaps know me better for the evocative line...

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"A lot can happen over coffee..."

For 18 years I must confess to having been in advertising. Adding a sheen to Cafe Coffee Day. Relaunching Jockey in India with Burn your briefs. Getting Blaupunkt to a flying start with Testdrive your ears. Helped IT clients like Wipro push sales with lines like Stop bleeding. Worked for innumerable banks... TrANZforming Banking... Now to some that is damnation. Perhaps, and yet, advertising taught me, a lesson all poets should know, that words are not impotent... Napoleon said if faced with a choice between an army and a thousand words he would choose the 1000 words. One of my social service ad campaigns, helped kickstart Sri Lankan campaign against child sex tourism. Another line 'Real Men have that Thrill' helped push the anti-aids cause.

But advertising, however successful has just been an interlude. And I have returned to my one true love. The spiritual. The impossible skies above us. And it is to their illuminating joys that we have returned...

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FREE Big Treasures in Little Pockets.
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The Lost City of Dhrammon,
The Door of Fragments,

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- The Greater i

Over the last few Celia and I have brought out numerous spiritual books. Like The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth and Buffy's Doggy Revelations. It was incredible for me to find words that matched Buffy's innocence.I listen at the feet of the most despised on the planet, a street dog or tree on urban streets and speak for them.










Most writers are content to have their works read, delighted if it touches people, ecstatic if it becomes the parlance of a nation, in 7th heaven if their words stretch beyond the century... But there is something truer, and greater that we can aspire to.

In the last 40 odd years, I have begun to go beyond the word to The Word that stands beneath the world.

In the last 4 decades as I began to explore the incredible possibilities of the spiritual revelations so wondrously poured into my being, as I began to explore the incredible possibilities of Cosmic Oneness, I arrived at a very similar place to the great Old Testament Prophets and The Vedic MahaRishis....

Celia and I, master healers for 25 years now have realised that the word is indeed more... not just inspire the mind, lighten the heart, but true sound can change a cell's tone, heal the incurable, touch someone a hemisphere away, and stir the world.

But that too is a mere nothing. "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God..." proclaims the old testament. The primal word say many Hindu sages, is the true foundation stone of the universe. As Celia & I began to approach the primal reality through word, hymn, sound, mantra... we stand at a glorious place where the universe does dangle in front of our astounded ears the keys to infinity.

Words have danced for me, leapt, raged, whispered, uncovered secret passages, soul spaces... But now they do more...