Depicting beings of pure consciousness is different in one key aspect from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And when that happens it can be jaw dropping.
Tarun Cherian

Shaktipats disguised as Art

7 Solo Art Shows. Works in private collections {and people's auras} in Europe, America, Canada, India, South-East Asia.

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27 years as spiritual explorer, guide & healer. 18 years as award winning creative director

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"Depicts the journey of the soul in flesh.” Hindustan Times

“For centuries Hindu philosophy has held on to its beliefs in the ultimate ananda… That (Tarun) Cherian has set out to rediscover and redefine it visually is indeed his forte.” – Aruna Bhomwick, The Statesman, Delhi .

Roughly 25 years ago, I was blessed by cosmic visions. As I began to capture those visions, strange things began to happen...

In The Sacred Body, my first exhibition, I approached symbols {as worshipper}"as worshipper". Frankly did I really expect vast presences to drop in? To turn the exhibition hall into a Stonehenge? It was then that I realised that depicting beings of pure consciousness is different from depicting usual objects. A representation of lightning doesn't give shocks. A true evocation of an energy being… actually calls it there. And that is at the very heart of my work.

In my 2nd exhibition, Sadiqa Peerbhoy, the celebrated creative director and psychic found the work so powerful she literally had to flee the hall... she was surprised, as was I.

In an earlier exhibition, I was showing Kundalini charged work. I expected some impact. But not the impact it had on Angel who went into a half an hour trance where she drifted out of her body.

When Tony connected with a piece titled Nest of Nails, he experienced a journey into the birth of the universe through...

We are multi- dimensional creatures that live in a many splendoured universe... But today we believe that all that exists is a narrow grey strip that we call reality... As a Spiritual Master taking people out of this grey, dead world is my calling. Through art I have done the same.

Sometimes by juxtaposing the absolute and the vividity of life. Sometimes by creating conceptual crowbars, that free the imprisoned mind. Sometimes by calling the Kundalini through shamanistic pieces. Sometimes depicting the faces of blazing mystics, the bodies of tantric lovers. Sometimes by casting an adoring eye at the world around...

I have touched the hem of God... and sometimes create Art that can take you there...


What Are Art Shaktipats?

  The Art Shaktipat: Here a viewer feels the ki energy in Tarun's art. Many viewers sense auras for the first time at Tarun's exhibitions! Feel it for yourself on this site. With each piece Tarun specifies the impact it has on the aura. The chakras it stimulates, the effect it has on you.

What is an Art Shaktipat? Shaktipat means blessing, or more literally a gift of spiritual energy. As a healer and spiritual guide i use symbols, and images to transform the psyche. Which lead logically to the question: If i can touch people's auras with symbol why could i not do so with my art? And so Art Shaktipat was born. Art that can bless, touch auras, act like oracles, heal, be spiritual escalators.

Art Shaktipats are both new and ancient. Resonating with shaman and arcane spiritual forms. And yet also utterly modern. For we stand at a time of the hubris of Gods. A time when the gravity of the ir+rational perspective crushes down. When the liberated even mocking brush, learns to praise again.

I have explored the creation of spiritual art that blesses, even with closed eyes in many ways: -Depictive and illustrative. -Symbolically. -Iconic. -Shamanic. -Conceptually.



Connoisseurs experiencing Tarun's Art Shaktipats...

"I stood in front of the piece. There were first tiny tremblings of energy. Then a pillar of light erupted within... i can barely stand..." Tina Sachdev, Creative Director and Actress, experiencing the power of a Kundalini charged work.

Green heart by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

"I felt as if i was opening into another Universe." -- Dhiraj, IT Thinker

Nest of Nails by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

"Oh God no! ." -- Z, a viewer who looking at an oracular pieces realised the boyfriend was 2 timimng her.

“They blaze with energy…It's almost too much to take.” - Sadiqa Peerbhoy, writer, advertising figure and psychic

Moment of Creation by Spiritual Artist Tarun Cherian

“Different, dense with meaning. It's one of the most interesting Indian art shows, I've been to.” – Waseem Khan, photo-artist.