Tarun Cherian

Brushed By God Roughly 20 years ago, I was placed in the stampeding path of cosmic revelations... In which, space, time and matter revealed themselves as our plasticine... In which, God isn't a distant figure, or a boring, old no-sayer...In which, we are not helpless puppets of fate, but...apprentice creators.

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Humpty Dumpty Meets God! A Philosophical Art Show. At Chitra Kala Parishath. Bangalore. July 23rd to July 26th! 2018. See More.

*Spiritual Path, Core Truths
*Art: Shaktipats in Disguise.
*Gallery of Tarun's Spiritual Art *Affordable Art
*Writing: Crafting The Luminous Word: Poetry, Non-fiction, Fables, Songs, Ads, Films, Mantras, Hymns.
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*Buffy's Doggy Revelations
*The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth

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